If you are a lover of various types of games then you will certainly find paintball an interesting and exciting game. It has been around for many years now and today it is one of the most popular games. It is a game which improves team work, management skills, and also enhances physical fitness, teamwork and other such attributes. However, there is quite a bit of indecision and confusion when it comes to choosing paintball markers and guns. Here are a few characteristics of different types of paintball guns. This will help customers to choose the right product keeping in mind the exact requirements and needs.

Pump Paintball MarkerPump Paintball Gun

Pump paintball guns are useful for those who are learning to play this game as a beginner. It is easy to operate. It comes with a pump which must be drawn forward and pulled backward. This helps to set the next paintball once a shot has been taken. In other words it will help you to get prepared for the next shot. Though they have simple designs they are reliable and long lasting. They are popular amongst those belonging to the older generation of paintball gaming enthusiasts. However, of late their popularity is on the wane as new variants have started coming into the market.

Paintball Markers With Semi-Automatic Functions

They are also considered to be the basic versions of paintball markers. They are also easy to operate and one needs to just pull the trigger each time you decide to take a shot at the target. They are commonly available in the market. They come in manual as well and electro pneumatic mode. It would be pertinent to mention here that almost all the guns that are used by beginners belong to this variety. They are reasonably long lasting though the electro pneumatic functions often tend to go wayward and if it happens the markers might become unusable.

3-Shot Burst Paintball Gun

There is another variant of paintball guns which are known for their advanced features. They are referred to as 3-shot burst paintball guns. They offer the users the facility to continuously fire three shots though the trigger would be required to be pulled only once. It is an advanced version of the electro pneumatic paintball gun and they come with multi firing modes. It also allows the users to switch between semi automatic mode and 3 shot burst mode. Though they have some advanced features, many customers often feel that they are at times not as reliable as the conventional semi-automatic and pump modes. It comes with a stick between two firing modes. Hence beginners sometimes find it highly inconvenient because switching between modes for them could be a complicated and difficult task.

Ramping Paintball Gun

paintball markersThere are a few more variants of paintball markers and ramping paintball guns are also becoming extremely popular amongst those who are fans of fast firing variant of these games. The triggers need to be pulled continuously and consistently and the rate of firing will also go up gradually because of the circuit boards that are placed in these guns. For example when the trigger is pulled in the beginning thrice you will be releasing three rounds and this will gradually go up by one count depending on the number of times the trigger is pulled. It has the capacity to increase the number of rounds to twenty and in some cases it could be even more. However, care and caution has to be exercised to ensure that you do not cause any injury to the opponent team members because of rapid release of rounds from such guns.

Fully Automatic Paintball Gun

Finally we have the fully automatic best paintball gun which comes with almost the same features which a ramping paintball has. It is also perfectly suited for fast firing and is therefore used in competitive and advanced paintball field. However, it does away with the need to pull the trigger many times as is the case with ramping paintball guns. The fire can be held till the time you press the next trigger. This helps you to monitor the rounds you fire better and you also will be in a better position to define the rate of firing. Different guns have different variations in fire rates and you can choose the ones which meet your exact needs and requirements.

These are the main types of paintball guns though there could be a few more which might be used by gaming enthusiasts. They include machine gun paintball guns and a few more.