The sporting activity of paintball is involves the use of equipment so that safety of the players is ensured all through the game. Generally, the various equipment used in this game include a paintball gun or marker along with a propellant for firing the paintball, a protective outfit or armor, a paintball mask to protect the face and eyes, and a loader with paintballs in it. Of this, the paintball gun equipment is most important and the following lines will throw light on various questions related to them.

Paintball Gun- Rent or Buy?

If you really want to improve your paintball gaming skills you should consider buying a paintball gun and equipment. However, check out which particular gun will suit your requirement as one may fire tangentially instead of shooting straight, while another might come with a resistant trigger problem, or have a weightier feeling to it- each of these problems will adversely affect your performance during the game. Give some time and research to find out which gun will work best for you before you plan to buy one. However, if you are not regular with the game and just want to try the game, it is best you opt for a rental gun or marker. It will not only fulfill your requirements but also save you the cost of buying a new paintball marker.

Paintball Gun Options:

There are several specifications and variations of paintball gun equipment including sniper rifles, pistols, magazine fed markers and guns for paintball variants like woodsball and speedball. To pick the right paintball marker you must first understand what game type interests you the most. If you have been playing this game for some time and want to engage in adventures with your friends in the nearby woods, then it is not suggested that you invest in the best paintball gun equipment available in the market. Instead buy something similar to what your friends are using so that the game is a fair play.

Again, if you are one of those who prefers the ‘military-simulation’ or milsim paintball adventures then you will tend to take a good look at the gun hardware and opt for the ones that are similar to those used by actual military personnel. Such paintball gun equipment is not only expensive but also appropriate for those that are serious about military-simulation games. However, remember that this type of equipment is not necessarily appropriate for actual tournaments.

In case you’re in for the real deal and want to participate in competitive paintball games, you need to look for a completely different type of paintball equipment with a separate price range. Majority of the paintball gamers opt for speedball which is why they opt for lighter and smaller paintball markers that offer appropriate accuracy along with a high fire rate.

What about Cheap Paintball Equipment?

It is only normal for you to opt for the least expensive paintballs as it is the cheapest way to keep playing with your Paintball Equipmentmates. It does help you financially if you buy the paintballs in bulk and have the cost divided among your friends. However, if you intend to improve you paintball skills, you may have to invest more money in paintballs. The reason being that paintballs that are cheap are mostly warped or dimpled and don’t fly in a straight path. Your accuracy will not improve if you are unable to guess where the paintball will land after you have pulled the trigger. Good quality paintballs are perfectly round in shape and don’t have visible lines separating the two halves, they are not brittle either. The fact is that different paintballs will offer different results when fired from different paintball guns and you need to keep experimenting until you find the ones that are perfect for your marker.


What To Look For While Buying A Paintball Mask?

A paintball mask is undoubtedly most important when it comes to your own protection. You are not allowed to play the game without a mask and it is best not to go in with a damaged or broken mask. Although, many tend to spend less on the mask, it is best to opt for one that is legally certified. Certified masks are able to withstand the paintball impact and ensure your safety during the game.


Paintball happens to be one of the most incredible physically active sports that involves a lot of players and can lead to minor or major injuries. Take all the necessary precautions before you leap into this physical activity and most importantly, make sure that your paintball gun and other equipment are functioning properly.